domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

You couldn't care less, could u??

Tonight I'll throw all my hiden tears to your devastated memory. I'll cry a river to say definitely enough. Enough, enough in the echos of my lonely words...There is nothing left to be trusted or even anything else to be preserved, I wanted to understand, to fight against non-senses, against all the shared fears, against all kind of I know I can do it, I just can assume a non way-back and I just can handle one feeling not too good, nor clean, nor peaceful...just one at a time, just one to keep on walking, just one to say goodbye to all the damage, to all the hate, to all the pain, to all the love, to all the long nights awake with a broken and narrowed heart, the only heart I could ever have, the one I've wasted with someone who didn't bother who couldn't care less... I waited too long, too much. I'll cry one year or even more, I'll cry my fake expetations trembling and torturing myself alone, my sorrows, my constant and inconditional feelings, I lost the strength against your cruelty and your last image saying... nothing; running away from any kind of nobelty for us, your last damn image in my retina. Tonight I'll cry you for the last time, gentle and slowly, I'll cry you all.

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