jueves, 1 de septiembre de 2011

As if I'd never been

(...)So I went to read English books, and did my best to avoid the speccy, spotty fate that Helen had predicted for me. I probably looked as wide-eyes, fresh and artless as any other student. But I wasn't.
One of the boys I went out with -and they really were boys-, once asked me to go to Paris with him. And I told him I'd love to, I was dying to see Paris. As if I'd never been... An Education. Lone Scherfig. (...)

There's no smoke without fire

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  1. Ehtoi confuzo, porque no zé ingléh...
    Pero zuena bien, mohtrua: Zo ai güent tu reh englisss bucs. Tiene argo, no zabría decihte qué pero ¡ea!